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Dream House

When I was just a little girl, I often told my family about my dream house. I didn’t suppose that after all these years, my family especially my gramps would still remember exactly how I describe it. “The house is not too big, gramps, doesn’t have to be two floors, but I want the backyard is wide enough. There will be a pool and some huge trees. I will have a mango tree, a durian tree, a “duku” tree, a star fruit tree,…“

And now after I married, I live in a house with my husband and beloved son. Can you guess how the house looks like? Alhamdulillah the house is more than enough and such large yard. It has a family room which has huge windows so we can see outside. What I see outside is a small fish pool that my son like to play near there and sometimes he just get in to it. I have four trees in the garden; the big ones are mango and papaya trees. The papaya trees produce fruits every time, and people often ask me to take one or two. And what should I say about a mango tree? Everyone loves mango. Before the fruits ripe, usually they have gone from the tree (^___^) I also have a kelengkeng tree and a rose apple tree (or guava? I don’t know exactly. The one who study at forestry is my husband, and he says it’s not a tree but still a seedling. What is a seedling anyway????). I plant the seeds early this year, and now they already getting bigger 🙂

One of my besties, Ganis, (I called her besties, and it stands for best friend-sisters) promise me to bring a star fruit tree from her house. She lives in Karanganyar, anyway, and for your information it’s about two and a half hour driving from Jogja. After chat for a while; I tell her that my pine tree doesn’t grow so now I have a small spot in the garden. Then she goes home and her father say to bring me a star fruit seedling from their house. Yeay!

And the last one is a durian tree, as my wish. But I don’t know why after a quite long time, it didn’t grow. It stays about only a meter and no additional leaf instead. Seems like I have to change it, and after discuss with my husband, we will find a soursop seed. Because I ever met a woman who said that soursop is useful, the fruits and so the leaves can be used to reduce fat, prevent from cancer and so on.

There is One Man, One Tree national green movement, so I decide to plant about four or five trees at my house. Because, somehow, I think we owe this earth some trees, considering that every day we breathe fresh air and it produces oxygen for us. In the other side, trees make my backyard looks beautiful and reduce the heat also.

Well. I think some dreams come true. So, when you were a child, what did you wish for? 😀



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