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Speak up!


This afternoon, we had another meeting. The same topic as yesterday. Still. About Bureaucratic Reform and Remuneration. In my sub division, four staffs being asked and discussed about the job descriptions, the tasks and the results. About each person workload analysis and job analysis. Three positions are offered in the technical unit: computer operator, material processing and the data analyzer.

Each of us being asked and discussed about the choice, tell the boss then she will make the decision. And there is a problem with one of us. Because there is still one person keep silent, from the beginning to ending. She seems to hope being a data analyzer, with the maximum performance benefits that can be obtained.  But she does nothing, achieve nothing, has no idea, just sit down and say nothing. I was getting confused back then, and so does the boss.

In the middle of the meeting, I said if everybody’s hope or wishes is being data analyst, and then let’s do it. Let’s discuss it together as team, what best for each of us. But the thing is, how good we made a work system, still depends on the one who do the tasks, whether he/she will be able to do the task, will have a innovation, can develop or just the same. And I know these are some things that the boss worried about. But guess what? She keeps silent. How can we know then? How can we help her then?

It’s about performance. The head of the administration said clearly yesterday that there was no relationship with the senior-junior, neither about rank nor class. It’s about you and yourself. For what you do, what do you achieve, what you plan for next year, et cetera.

So please..

Speak up for what you wish for..

Speak up for what you can do..

Speak up for what you will do..

Speak up for what will you achieve..

Speak up!



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