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I try to be more mature, day by day, time by time.

I really hope to have such good and mature in any kind of relation, say friendship, at these after-25th-age.

I try to listen, more than I speak.

To feel more empathy, rather than only feel sympathy.

To give as much as I can, than to ask things to others.

To help as best as I can, better than asking help at all times.

But when a person hurt me, and said to mind my own business, after I help her, then I will stop.

Not stop caring. But stop involving my life into her and her life into mine.

Not stop saying hi, but I will stop chatting to minimize any mistake that I would make.

I wonโ€™t unforgiving, cause I already ask apologize and forgive her even she feels not having any mistakes. I already did.

Maybe I will be back like I used to, after she take back her words or else.

But I will definitely stop, at least for now.

Because it was not so worthy to think deep about a person who doesnโ€™t even think about you, or your feelings, or else.

Because I had more important people, more important friends, to think about, and to care, because they mostly think and care for me at all times.



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