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VIP Cards (to live) in the Netherlands


  1. Verblijf. A definitely super important card, its your life, in terms of the legality of your presence in Europe. This verblijf depends on how long we stay here, for a master student (18 months) like me, my Verblijf is valid for 21 months (18 months study and 3 months spare). Meanwhile, my husband who is a PhD student and my son (who follow him) got a Verblijf which valid for 36 months (3 years), after that we should extend them. 
  1. Debit card. Also super important for living, contains our monthly allowance from our sponsors. Mine from Neso (StuNed) and my husband is from Dikti-Indonesia. For the bank, we use ABN-AMRO.
  1. Healthy Insurance Card. In the Netherlands, healthy insurance is an obligatory. But it’s different, master student like me use the basic health insurance (the cheapest of all) using AON (the faculty cooperates with this company), it costs around €35-60 per months, paid by my sponsor. On the other hand, my husband is a PhD and considered as an employee so he should take the basic health insurance for employee which costs around €105 (using Menzis) because the coverage also includes dentist and specialist. While AON student package only go to dentist in case of emergency. For children under 18 years covered by the Netherlands government, so its free of charge. My son followed his father insurance in MENZIS. [Note: I ever use this insurance to go to huisaart (general practitioners) and its free (doctor and medicine). Every person has his/her own GP. My husband has ever had an ankle injury and we brought him to ICU, he was having an X-Ray, bandage, went to see the doctors every 2 weeks and its all (again) free. The one we should pay is the rent for crutches which costs €4 per week). If we need any wheelchair to go to the hospital, we can deposit €2 to get a wheelchair, and after we put back we can get our money back.]
  1. Student Card. Also very important, since the student card will be used to enter the room, buy foods/coffee/everything from the snack machine, and also to print/scan/copy. You lost it, than it will be very troublesome. So we need to put some credits to buy lunch, and from my experience I just put small amount of money because if I lost it than people can make use of the credits inside.
  2. Apartment/hotel card, to enter the apartment or hotel room. If you loose it, than ask the reception. They will cost €5 after you lost it like four or five times. So be careful with it 😉

Beside that, there are still some cards, but in my opinion these are the most important five card I have.

What about you? :p 😆



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