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these days

This week has been totally hectic week. Last Wednesday I’ve been asked to give presentation about my master thesis to some visitors from Vilentum Hogeschool, Almere. The request came from the Central Course Director (CCD) himself. How can I say no? So I said yes and I did some preparations three days before. The meeting runs well, I met new and nice people. We had lots of discussions and feedback (which I enjoy so much lately). After that, the CCD sent me an e-mail saying thank you for a very impressed presentation and these people wanted to be further informed about my final results. So apparently I think I will have more people in my thesis defense. Not only the University people but also from other institutions. Well, that’s OK. The more the merrier, right? 😉

On Thursday, I have the every-six-months-TB-test in the morning. Then I was shopping and spent the afternoon to prepare some dishes for my son’s session which is Teddy Bear’s Dinner. I made a tiny rainbow pudding for them. So cute to see all the small boys and girls sat around a table and ate dinner in a very proper manner. I was so amazed. And then, we (me, my husband and my son) went to another graduation-PhD-party in a Turkish restaurant in Hengelo. He was my husband’s colleague.

Today, which is Friday, I just stayed at home in the morning, to finish the domestic stuffs I’ve abandoned these three days. At 15:00 I came to my friend’s graduation (again) to congratulate him for his MSc. I met one of the lecturer (he’s the course director of UPM department) and he asked about my research and my son. I am so impressed that he still remember small details about me. We had an interesting discussion about my research too.

Then, my faculty held an End-Year-Party at the campus. I went there because I would like to meet some friends that I have not seen for awhile. But then I had a talk my supervisor and she said to me that she will still available next week and she wants me to send her my chapters right away. So that we can discuss about my thesis. Looks like I’m not going to have any winter holiday these year. Fiuh. Probably I won’t be able to update this blog for the next couple of weeks.


Wish me luck, pretty people.

And I hope you guys have a wonderful winter or end-year holiday.

See ya!



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