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20 facts about me..

From my Instagram. So I was challenged by my dear friend, although I don’t know what to write but I decided to try.

Postingan suka-suka sih ya, pasti gak ada manfaatnya. Feel free to skip 😉 There you go. me

20 facts about me.. kind of

1. Some say I don’t look like an Indonesian. I met people around the world, and they said that I am more like Turkish. Or from Morocco. Arabian. Algeria. Or else. While the Indonesian say I don’t look like a Javanese eventhough I am a 100% Javanese. I’m the ugly duckling, I guess 😉

2. I was nearly dead when I did my work on 2013. I almost fell from a 20-metres-high bridge when I did my work for river water monitoring. I’m still trembling when I remember that. And thank God, I’ve given an opportunity to do my master study as a short break from my work.

3. Highly dependent to eyeliners and BB cream.

4. Spa. I used to do it almost once a week and I kinda miss it.

5. Dislike watermelon. The way people eat it and then “phooh phooh” the seeds annoys me. A lot. Plus my brother told me (when I was a little girl) that if you eat watermelon and the seeds, it will grow to your neck and your hair. I got really scared whenever I see watermelon because of that.

6. Rarely cry, but when it happens it will be out loud or takes a long time. The last time I cried was when my Grandma and Grandpa died.

7. I love eating. Especially sweets, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, anything. Cannot explain why my body stays this way. Mungkin cacingan (pasti cacingan, odong!) 😆

8. A professional bathroom singer. Hahahah. But, the fact is that I joined the school choir and also a vocalist of a band during high school and college. Sampe manggung segala di beberapa acara, stasiun radio, kafe, dll. Sempet rekaman kecil2an juga. *malu*

9. I love Japanese manga. Still reading them, online. My first was the series of Mari-chan, when I was 9 years old. My fave ever still Sailormoon. Recently reading Ouran High School, Fruit Basket, My Sweet Kaichou, Vampire Knight, Skip Beat, and many more.

10. I am truly a city girl. I can do forest, mountains, villages, beaches. But I will still be a city girl. And a super horrible shopaholic. Especially during the mid-season or end-season.

11. Cycling. I’m not a sporty type. At the beginning I was cycling like a drunk man, going left-right like crazy. And I breath really short. But after I live in the Netherlands and had to bike every day, I started enjoy cycling.

12. Sushi. My experience of eating sushi is not good at all. I ate it back home in Jogjakarta and I almost vomit. But here, in Enschede, I met a Japanese. I learned to make sushi from her, it tastes delicious and now I love it.

13. Romans, novels, chicklits. Makin cemen makin suka 😆

14. Quite obsessed staying in my bed. Mungkin di kehidupan sebelumnya saya adalah koala. #abaikan

15. Belajar mandiri dari smp. I did a lot of part-time works during college.

16. I cook once a while back home. Before, me and kitchen were just.. strangers. 😆 But now, I can cook whatever I want. I even do baking. Scary.

17. I didn’t do maps. Read maps, no. Geography, no. Navigation, no. Me and maps, our relationship was just staring at each other. For a second. And that’s enough 😆 But now I am studying at the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, so at the moment I think I can make one. Or more.

18. I can’t sleep if my husband is not around. Even if he’s just going out to do sports, such as futsal for three hours. I get sick if he’s out of town. Yes, I’m not kidding. And no, I don’t know why nor can do anything about that. Ish.

19. Family is my first priority. Always.

20. Knowledge is one of my passion in life.

Done. Now your turn, pretty people. What are the 20-facts-about-you?



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