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urgent meeting

04 February 2015. 16:00

So, here I am. Sitting down at ITC campus restaurant, drinking a cup of coffee alone. Only few people left here, most of them have already finish their coffee break session. Oh, sorry, no one left now. I still stay since I really need time and a strong black coffee to refresh myself after I had a short-but-urgent-meeting with both of my supervisors.

At 14:25, my 1st spv mailed me andย askedย me to come immediately (which is the 1st time) to have an urgent discussion between us and my other spv about my research. Both of them, gave a so-very-critical-review about my progress, my research, my writing, everything. Very critical and straightforward. Typical Dutch. I have prepared myself, my heart, my head to get that bitter medicine a.k.a. their words. No, don’t imagine they are harsh or rude. Not at all. But they are just very honest with their opinion. And I need it. And I started to like it. The bitter the better. Sounds scary, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, we sat down and discussed what wasย there, what wasย lack of my writing, how can I restructured to make a good story flow and represented good piece of work by writing a good thesis. They helped, guided me a lot and give a logic solution for me. And here I am, thinking how lucky I am to have such good supervisors as them. There are others that could not even meet their spv or did not get sufficientย help for the research and writing.

For me, there still lots of work to do, of course. But they clear the confusion in my head. I just need a little time now, to get rid of my distractions (such as the low feeling because my parents-in-law had already left and back to Indonesia) and focus to put my best effort to finish this. I know I can. I wil manage this. I will do my best and then left the rest to Allah SWT, and I am sure Allah will give me the best of me, as usual.

If you feel panic, that’s okay. You’re not alone. Everyone is struggling. But this is the process of learning that you should go through. Now you’re getting in the difficulties of writing. But anytime you feel like you have hiccup, panic attack or need help, you can always tellย me. (Van Duren, 2015)

This is a good piece of work. And you have a good English while I know some others really need to catch up. So, it’s just a matter of structuring and presenting in your writing. (Looijen, 2015)


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