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I feel you

Some of my friends and closest people can really slap me with their words. One of the most shocking things popped out from a friend in my international community. She’s like a big sister and nice to me from a very beginning. She always looks cheerful and okay. One day it just happen when we bought her son’s bike. At first she said that his son is getting bigger and no need for small bike anymore. When I got there, she said that she’s selling her things since her husband is divorcing her. Bam.

There’s another friend who have been helping me a lot when I’m struggling with studying abroad with my family. Now she’s staying with her mom struggling from breast cancer. It happened in the past too, when I was still doing my master and one of my Indonesian friend lost his big sister. Another Iranian friend lost his mother and he’s like half alive for months.

It happen almost every time. Like something punch me on my heart. I said to myself, “I should have known then” or “I should say something”. But instead of saying something like “I am so sorry, sorry to hear that” or “everything will be okay” or just simply say anything like my other friends (they seems know what to said best at any circumstances) and easily comforting others. I can’t. I envy that so much. Everytime I heard bad or sad news, it will also be with me for days.

I might not know what to say. I just wish I was there. Just to simply give you, my dearest friend, a hug, or at least hold your hands. I might not be there at all times, but I feel you. I really do. I am hoping the best for you. My friends, yang kuat ya, yang sabar, baik-baik ya..



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2 thoughts on “I feel you

  1. Then the next time you hear bad news firsthand, maybe it’s a good idea that you just do that—hold their hands (or shoulder, perhaps). Strange it might be, there are indeed times when silence and gestures do speak louder than words. 🙂

    1. I did, sometimes. Sometimes those people are thousand miles away. Sometimes I was so shocked that I could not find any words. But I’ll keep in mind to hug them, at least. Thanks 🙂

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