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Now. I am so pissed of.

Sorry to say. Feel free to skip this one.

First of all let me explain to you that I will have another leaving. A good friend of mine will go back to her home country. As one of her closest one, I have already asked several times about a farewell party for her. And she said, constantly, that she didn’t want any party. Simple reason. She is not feeling comfortable to be the center of attention of lots of people.

What should I do, then?

I should respect her preference, right?

So I didn’t make one. I planned to make a card where everybody can sign and say something or wish her good luck, probably with a small gift to remind her about Holland.

Then this woman came. Asking me why I didn’t make one (farewell party). Then she came up with an idea to make a surprise party for her, then made a group in whatsapp with me and several others mums which close to her. I already told that she (my friend) didn’t want any party, but this woman insisted. So I said, then feel free to make one. Just let me know the date and place, if I’m able to do it then I’ll come. Also I told her it will be hard for me to join on Tuesday and Thursday, since I am helping at school.

Especially this Tuesday, because my son will have his birthday, he’s been waiting for his special day at school, so I decided to prepare birthday cakes to share to his classmates at theย classroom. And on Friday we will celebrate with his best friends, only few kids. So at the moment I am really busy preparing the birthday and also with the helping.

And then came this farewell groups in whatsapp, and guess what? The farewell party will be held this Tuesday. Right on the day when my son will celebrate his day at school. Right on the day when I have the responsibility to check the kids’ reading with the Oxford Reading Tree.

And when I tried to explain in the group, sort ofย ‘I will do my best to come, but I can not promise’, somehow it got twisted like I didn’t make any farewell for my good friend, and when finally there is one, I didn’t want to attend the party.

Yet I have my own plan for the farewell.. not to mention that I will also invite my friend and her family for dinner at my house. But after I finished with this birthday thing..

This became very complicated now.


Auk ah.


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