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dear husband and son

To the man who makes my dreams come true.

As I am standing by your side for more than 18 years, I am so proud of you and I admire the man you’ve made yourself today.

So go ahead, pursue your dream, go for it, any of it, it’s your time to rise and shine, as we will be by your side, proudly watching the best of you every single day.

Cheers for my lifelong partner, my best friend, my soulmate and my partner in crime for life. Wishing you a very happy birthday and wonderful years ahead, Hero Marhaento 😀

To the little man who makes my life complete.

You have all of the blessings and prayers of Mommy. See the world, dear boy. Feel the world. Live to the the fullest.

And wherever your journey in life may take you, please be safe, enjoy the ride, and never forget your way back home.

Have a happy birthday Arga. We love you, our dear little astronaut. :*

p.s: This so-sweet-happy-birthday-letter was requested by my husband. Yes, he did. Sejak dulu zaman pacalan hingga sekarang dia suka banget ngebaca surat-surat dari saya, katanya kayak lirik lagu 😆 😆
Selamat ulang tahun, sayangs! :*


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3 thoughts on “dear husband and son

      1. heavy smoker one.. dan temen2 banyak yg merokok, huehuehue… protes berjamaah…

        iyaaa, temen ketemu dari es em pe… tapi pacarannya pas akhir kuliah gegara ditodong harus nikah yaaaa nodong sahabat sendiri (o.O) wkwkwkwk


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