Born April 5th, 2010, at Rumah Sakit Panti Rapih. He weighed about 3.3 kilos, normal, healthy and happily. He delivered himself on the exact same date and month with his daddy, 2 weeks earlier than his due date. The best birthday gift ever, said his daddy.

The pregnancy story of him might be a long one, since Mommy got three times bleeding during pregnancy. Mommy still think that he’s one of the miracle that Allah send to her. He got breastfeeding for complete 2 years, alhamdulillah. His first talk was when he was about 9 months, saying “mbuu” to call his mom “Ibu” and “yyaaahh” to call his dad “Ayah”. And “nenn” to ask his food, hihi. His first walk was when he was about 15 months. He’s able to read when he’s 2.5 years.

His first flight was the Bali trip in 2011 when he was 1 years old. Several times enjoying holiday by train and car near his hometown, such as Magelang, Semarang, Demak, Kudus, Purwokerto, Malang, and so on, during his toddlerhood. The first intercontinental trip when he was 3 years old, to the Netherlands. Traveling around Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Hungary, Czech Rep. and Slovakia so far. Around the world some day, inshaAllah ya nak.

He stayed in Yogyakarta in his first 3.5 years, then moved to NL afterwards. His first school was the PAUD at Badran neighbourhood, then after two years old he joined the Play-Group at Putra Badran Kindergarten, Yogyakarta. When he was three and a half, he entered Harlekijn Peuterspelzaal, Enschede, for 6 months. When he turned 4, he started studying at the basisschol: International School Twente (IST) – Prinseschool, Enschede.

Recently likes everything about solar system. Browsing persistenty all about planets through his iPAD and our laptops. He said he wanted to be an astronaut and working in NASA one day (2015). In 2016, instead of an astronaut, he just want to be an astronomer, because going to Mars and back will take more than 1 year and it’s quite long not being able to see his Mommy 😂  Then, in 2017, he wanted to be a scientist and chemist who do the study about space, because astronomer is not scientist enough. 😂 (Amin, Nak, amiin) 🙂